To be held on Thursday September 29, 2022 at 2 pm (EDT)

To access the meeting, join via Zoom:

NOTICE is hereby given that the second annual and special meeting (the “Meeting”) of
the Members of the Press Forward Media Association (the “Corporation”) will be held via tele/video conference.

To access the meeting, join via Zoom:

For the following purposes:

1. To receive the financial statements of the Corporation for the financial year ended
December 31, 2021 together with the Notice to Reader thereon.

2. To confirm that the following directors shall continue as directors of the Corporation
until the next annual meeting of the Members in 2023:

Slate for 2022/2023:

Brandi Schier, Sun Peak News
Brent Jolly, Canadian Association of Journalists
Mike De Souza, The Narwhal
George Abraham, New Canadian Media
Jeanette Ageson, The Tyee

3. To appoint an auditor of the Corporation for the ensuing year.

4. To approve the following resolution to reflect the appropriate designation of members:

Subject to the Articles, there shall be one class of members of the Corporation.
Membership in the Corporation shall be available only to corporations interested in
furthering the Corporation’s purposes and who have applied for and been accepted into
membership in the Corporation by resolution of the board or in such other manner as
may be determined by the board. Each member is allowed to cast one (1) vote.

5. To approve By-law Number 1, being a general operating by-law of the Corporation.

6. To confirm past corporate proceedings of the directors and members of the
Corporation from the date of the last AGM to the date hereof; and

7. To transact any other business which may properly come before the Meeting and at
any adjournment or adjournments thereof.

The directors are entitled to receive notice of the Meeting. Every member of record of
the Corporation is entitled to receive notice of and vote at the Meeting.

** If you cannot attend the Meeting in person, you may vote by using the below form of Proxy. If voting by Proxy, please complete, sign, and return it by email to Carl Cadogan ( or by mail or courier to the registered
office of the Corporation, 147 Spadina Ave, Ste 206, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2L7. 

DATED at London, Ontario this 29th day of August 2022.
Mike De Souza, chair

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